Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season


Saturday, April 13th 12:00 PM -
Sunday, April 14th 12:00 PM


Microsoft HQ Building #20
3709 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052


24-hour hackathon with an emphasis on FinTech, open to all levels of coders; $2K+ in prize money

Event 2019 Sponsors

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Rich Rogers

Keynote Speaker

Rich Rogers is the co-founder and CEO of Xemelgo, a Seattle-based start-up delivering IoT-powered Smart Manufacturing solutions. Prior to launching Xemelgo, Rich spent 12 years at Hitachi building out net new teams, portfolios, and businesses that accounted for $1B+ in annual revenue.

Kevin Hyland

Opening Ceremony Speaker

Kevin Hyland is the CTO at EVEN Financial. Kevin has been a tech lead for most of his professional life. He’s performed this function at a handful of NYC startups, most recently Gilt Groupe.

Announcement: The hackathon is over! 160 attendees participated.

If you have any questions, please reach out to See the projects here.

What is Def Hacks Seattle 2019?

Def Hacks Seattle 2019 is the third annual 24-hour hackathon hosted at Microsoft HQ (on April 13th-14th). This year, the hackathon is co-hosted by Even, and thus has a large FinTech focus. We will be releasing two prompts based around FinTech and Even's API ($2,000 in prizes). These prompts will be released three days before the hackathon alongside our hackathon Slack channel, at 4:00 PM PST on Wednesday, April 10th.

You are allowed to brainstorm projects/solutions before the hackathons, but all code must be written at the event. If you are a current CS student, we encourage you to find a Finance major to join your team (and vice versa); however, this is not required. There is also a Best Hack category and a Best High School Hack category if you do not wish to compete in the FinTech challenge (the two prompts).

General Questions

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event, typically lasting several hours (or even days), in which a large number of people meet to code and show off their products.

What should I bring to a hackathon?

Please bring your own computer and its charger, your ID, and power strips (recommended). The event costs nothing - meals and swag are provided for free! Also consider bringing a sleeping bag and/or pillow.

What are the rules around teams?

You can participate as an individual, or as a member of a team of 2-4 people. If you do not have a team but are looking for teammates, we will have a Slack channel at the hackathon titled #find-teammates for this purpose.

What should I do after I register?

After you register, try to find a team and start brainstorming ideas for the hackathon! You shouldn't start coding until the event, but feel free to brainstorm ideas, especially if a theme is released beforehand!

What is the hackathon's Code of Conduct?

This is an MLH Member Event, and this is their official Code of Conduct:

Do you offer travel reimbursement?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer travel reimbursement for participants.

What is the schedule for the hackathon?

April 13th (Saturday)
11:00 AM Check-in
12:00 PM (noon) Opening Ceremonies
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Even API/Ideation Workshop #1
3:30 PM HTML/CSS Workshop
6:00 PM Even API Workshop #2
7:00 PM Dinner
10:00 PM Cup-stacking Contest
April 14th (Sunday)
12:00 AM (midnight) Midnight Snack
8:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Devpost Submit Deadline
9:00 AM Judge Presentations/Demos
10:30 AM Judging Deliberation
11:00 AM Final Presentations
11:30 AM Closing Ceremonies
12:00 PM (noon) Event Ends!


  • Organizing team: Chris Elliott, David Wei, Sachin Bhargava, Varun Viswanathan
  • Advisors: Add your name here by promoting the event! Contact for more information.

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